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Change & Transformation

As change management consultants, we understand the critical importance of both change and transformation and are experts in both disciplines.

Companies today face two critical related—but not identical—challenges.

On the one hand, large organizations are driving a relentless process of self-disruption driving the need to manage a seemingly unending state of change. From the introduction and adoption of new technologies to structural reorganizations to systematic process improvements, change is happening all the time. Companies with reputations for flawless execution possess the change management capabilities necessary to consistently deliver these initiatives on time, on budget, on strategy and with expected results.

On the other hand, companies are also being challenged to continually reinvent themselves: to not just adopt incremental changes, but fundamentally transform. Nearly 25 years as change management consultants has shown us that the best performing companies are the ones who can achieve operational excellence through change management while simultaneously building and exercising the ability to evolve into something new.

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Leading the development of a global HR transformation to enable business growth.
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An integrated approach to change management consulting.

We have deep expertise in change management. Our team includes consultants who have led change management teams within several Fortune 500 companies and multiple longtime leaders of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP).

While we offer a bevy of planning templates and resources to assess, structure and sequence change management efforts, what makes our approach unique is the manner in which it integrates change communication, leadership and culture. It is only through the fusion of all of these entities that a truly human-centric approach can arise.

While change can be managed, transformation can only be sparked.

Transformations are not projects but movements. As a change management consulting firm, we see transformation take hold when a diverse set of creative, inspired and passionate people with many backgrounds, viewpoints and interests come into contact with an irresistible idea and have the autonomy, liberty and encouragement to bring that idea to life in their own unique ways.

To drive change and transformation, our experience has taught us that there are Three Things that Change Everything™

Those that effectively lead both change and transformation will have the ability to execute with excellence today and outpace the forces of disruption that will shape their futures.