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Organizational Purpose

As organizational purpose consultants, we’ve seen that tapping into purpose inspires commitment, drives fulfillment and serves as a competitive differentiator.

In recent years, organizational purpose has become a dominant topic of conversation in business circles.

In board rooms, on conference podiums and in magazines, purpose is everywhere. This is for good reason.

Demographic changes in the workforce, including the emerging influence of Millennials and Gen Z, and the shifting nature of many jobs from mechanical to creative, have helped bring purpose to the surface as a driving influence in recruitment, retention, commitment, resilience and innovation. In many studies, we see evidence that employees — especially younger employees — will sacrifice financial benefits for a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Truly purpose-led organizations activate three distinct entities in a strategic and intentional way.

First, societal purpose — the role the company plays in improving the world. Second, organizational purpose — the roles each department, function and team play in improving the company. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, personal purpose — how a person’s job provides individual fulfillment.

Our approach as purpose consultants is different – because it addresses all three levels of purpose and unites them into a definitive feature of the employee experience.

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Aligning and inspiring an organization around a renewed purpose and strategy.
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We have a proven purpose consulting process for defining both societal and organizational purpose.

Through our purpose consulting expertise, we help clients connect employees to their company’s larger societal and organizational purpose by tapping into their own individual, personal sense of purpose at work. When societal, organizational and personal purpose are all operating at high levels, an organization’s strategy is most poised to thrive.

We have worked with dozens of companies to activate their purpose through compelling stories and structured narratives. Using tested workshops, we help various business units and functions adopt purpose within their respective organizations, and our diagnostic tools pinpoint where purpose gaps or friction exist at any given moment in time.

We have deep experience in helping coach and develop purpose-led leaders. From the executive level to frontline supervisors, we have worked with thousands of leaders to help them use organizational purpose to inspire not only the best in themselves, but in their entire organizations.