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Experience Design & Creative Consulting

Our creative consulting experts help design experiences that inform, inspire and motivate employees to deliver on an organization’s strategy.

There are ways we can express ourselves visually that register more powerfully and persuasively than we could replicate in words.

This is certainly true in large corporations. The human struggle of change is more emotional than rational, more visceral than intellectual and more rooted in experience than information. That’s why we have a specialized, in-house Experience Design & Creative Consulting team that is integrated into nearly every one of our engagements.

There are several factors that differentiate our Experience Design & Creative Consulting work.

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We are more than graphic designers and video producers.

While we bring deep experience in these areas and know the power of clean, clear and memorable iconography, typography and visual imagery, we view these as the beginning, not the end, of the experience design and creative consulting process.


Our true aim as creative consultants is not pleasing aesthetics but prompting new behaviors.

We use visual systems to connect brand, culture, strategy and operational priorities. And, we employ true creative consultants who approach complex business challenges holistically and develop immersive experiences to reach employees in ways that go far beyond visual imagery. Examples of such creative consulting experiences as employee engagement campaigns, digital experiences, meetings and events, visual roadmaps and gamification.

We approach every creative consulting challenge from the employee perspective.

We do thorough and rigorous upfront analysis, using quantitative and qualitative measures, to ground ourselves in the mindset of employees and see the world through their eyes. By taking a receiver-centric perspective, the creative experiences we develop not only relay key strategic messages and themes but do so in manners that resonate with how employees think, process and consume information. We are skilled in using the technologies employees rely on in their personal lives to shape their thinking about work.

When it comes to experience design, employees are our only focus.

While many design firms and branding studios offer employee-focused design as a bolt-on service, creating memorable and meaningful employee experiences for internal stakeholders is our creative consultants’ sole charge. We have worked across many industries and have a strong sense of what design concepts work most effectively. We listen closely to understand and know the perspectives of a client’s employees. Many can design visuals to look great, but the true test lies in their ability to inspire action. As creative and experience design consultants, this is where we thrive.