Lucet | Gagen MacDonald

Our Impact


Reshaping a culture to transform a new behavioral health organization.

Lucet launched in Q1 2023 following the merger of two well-recognized behavioral health organizations. The primary challenge for leadership was defining a new aspiration for the culture and orienting employees from both organizations behind that new objective. Both companies had enjoyed market success and were bringing their own unique cultures and ways of working to the new entity.


In addition to codifying the new culture, Lucet leadership was committed to ensuring a high level of employee participation and direct input. This leadership requirement demanded a more iterative and consultative approach but solidified the perception that the new culture reflected all voices versus a top-down mandate.

The ultimate objective for the launch of the new entity was a reshaped culture-centric organization with co-created values and clarity on ways of working, decision-making, collaboration, problem-solving, and more.


  • Gained deep forensic understanding of Lucet's strategy and cultural intent, to understand how a more deeply-rooted and actionable culture will help create certainty for employees and impact company success
  • Engaged senior leaders on deepening their acumen and experience around the benefits of aligning strategy to culture
  • Gathered employee input through Gagen’s proprietary culture effectiveness diagnostic
  • Facilitated employee focus groups across North America, to refine and validate our initial findings
  • Designed and facilitated full-day in-person series of leader workshops, to digest culture data and begin to shape a strategy
  • Led co-creation process with leaders on defining new entity mission, values and key behaviors that align the business strategy and new brand promise
  • Equipped and prepared leaders to lead the culture transformation with defined behaviors and actions required to model and sustain the culture

Results (Ongoing)

  • A new uniquely Lucet customer-centric culture framework used to set and align with their 2023 strategic priorities and cascade into team and individual goals
  • Positive reaction and initial momentum from senior leaders, people leaders and employees, around the communication, clarity and connection to Lucet's culture, how employees connect and how they work
  • Culture elements are being integrated into key initiatives such as experiential learning, leadership development, talent management, recognition, rewards and communications
  • Continued adoption and impacts of culture are being tracked and optimized via pulse survey, tracking correlation with customer-related data and an updated implementation of the company's diagnostic are scheduled for Q4