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Our Impact

PVH Corporation

Strengthening corporate culture, productivity and building community through an effective enterprise-wide intranet.

PVH is one of the world’s largest apparel companies with a diversified portfolio of well-known brands including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Van Heusen and more. Having expanded rapidly through acquisition and organic growth, the company had a challenging communications environment with a multitude of legacy channels. Multiple channels were used by many content owners leading to duplication and message dilution.


PVH’s intranet platform, named The Thread, compounded the communication problem. Its poor search capabilities and confusing navigation made it difficult for employees to find the information they needed. The lack of multilingual capability and no mobile option meant it did not meet the needs of the company’s global workforce. The look and feel of the site was not in sync with the high quality aesthetic the company projected to the outside world. As one employee put it “…The Thread is a very user-unfriendly site. Hard to navigate or find what you are looking for — a huge missed opportunity.”


  • Gathered associates’ input through multiple methods, including one-on-one leader interviews, focus groups and an all-employee survey
  • Created and implemented a content and engagement strategy while designing an intranet platform that met the systems requirements
  • Designed a new, mobile-friendly intranet site that provided associates with targeted and relevant content, helped them learn and grow to drive results and aided in building a shared community
  • Integrated the new platform and mobile app with PVH’s other digital assets and news platforms
  • Developed an extensive teaser and launch campaign to build excitement and introduce the new platform
  • Supported the full execution of the new intranet through comprehensive platform vendor management on behalf of PVH


  • An easy-to-use, one-stop-shop that gives associates the tools and information needed to excel in their roles
  • An integrated set of digital assets that provides a seamless communication experience
  • A communications system that aligns with the PVH brand
  • A strengthened corporate culture, character and community that helps associates feel valued and drives productivity