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Global Summit

Activating purpose through creating a global leadership experience.

Introducing the company's purpose in 2015 proved to deliver results. By 2019, this same large hospitality company had created a portfolio of 19 brands, 900 hotels and 120,000 colleagues.

Gagen MacDonald partnered to design and execute the 2019 Global Summit, a three-day experience for the top 830 leaders held in San Diego in September 2019. It represented a rare opportunity to bring Advancing Care to life by aligning leaders on growing closer to key stakeholders and capitalizing on this special moment in company history.


To continue to drive growth and differentiation, the company needed to build loyal, lasting relationships with guests, customers, owners and colleagues alike. The executive team committed to doubling down on its purpose with even greater intention by Advancing Care, focused on fusing data and empathy to build personal connections. They needed to inspire, educate and activate their teams to deliver a new experience to colleagues, guests, customers and owners to drive success, which began with aligning executive leadership.


  • Conducted executive interviews and distributed participant surveys to understand what was needed to create a meaningful experience that would shift leaders’ thinking and drive behavior change
  • Developed visual framework and compelling, strategic messaging to align leaders and bring the strategy to life across the Global Summit experience
  • Mobilized cross-functional team to plan, coordinate and execute Global Summit, enabling alignment throughout the process
  • Designed a three-day Global Summit experience and meeting theme, called “Closer: The Power of Personal Connection,” which felt different to leaders and included hand-heart activations, unique, personalized gifts and touchpoints
  • Introduced a new way of activating the company’s purpose through building relationships with key stakeholders
  • Encouraged participants to build relationships with each other through easy contact sharing and messaging throughout the Global Summit
  • Orchestrated a unique leadership experience that enabled leaders to reflect on their own leadership style and take action for improvement
  • Developed a digital toolkit to help leaders make learnings actionable with teams at corporate and property locations


The 2019 Global Summit was remarkably successful in clarifying the company’s purpose and engaging and aligning leaders. Before, during and after the experience, we surveyed participants to evaluate progress against our goals.


  • 97 percent leader engagement on the Global Summit app
  • 40 percent increase in leaders’ belief that the company is making the right investments in technology to compete and drive performance


  • 99 percent of participants understand how care drives performance and their role in strengthening personal connections


  • 1,200+ online leader toolkit video views

As a result, the Executive Committee identified Advancing Care as a company-wide focus area in 2020.


2020 PRSA Skyline Award

  • Winner, Internal Communications – Business category
  • Finalist, Global Communications “Best of Skyline”

2020 PRSA Silver Anvils

  • Finalist, Internal Communications

2020 SABRE Awards

  • Finalist, Travel & Tourism