Eaton Corporation | Gagen MacDonald

Our Impact

Eaton Corporation

Enabling leaders to effectively communicate during business transformation.

Eaton, a global technology leader in power management solutions, embarked on a transformative business strategy to be more innovative and aggressively grow through acquisitions. Five acquisitions were completed in a period of just under two years. Eaton’s leadership recognized that the quality of senior and mid-level leaders was critical for successful strategy execution to inform, align and engage the global workforce.


Communication effectiveness was embedded into a newly created Eaton Leadership Model, yet this was a new requirement for many engineering leaders in this manufacturing business. An annual communication process was also introduced that required leaders to purposefully plan and communicate the strategic and operational direction to their teams. The challenge was to enable senior and mid-level leaders to understand their enhanced roles and become confident communicators.


  • Partnering with the HR and integration leaders, we first scoped the training using a “Know-Feel-Do” analysis to clarify expectations and outcomes
  • We designed an experiential training that incorporated:
    • Eaton’s communication process requirements
    • Building personal leadership communication capabilities (i.e., crafting and telling compelling stories, understanding the neuroscience of building beliefs, listening and two-way communication)
  • Developed two versions of the three-hour training: one for face-to-face sessions and another a web-enabled configuration


Senior and mid-level managers built personal leadership communication capabilities and better understood their new communication responsibilities.